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Version checking allows the Aquamacs project to collect some statistical data, because the check - like any internet transaction - leaves a trace on the server. Along the way I had to deal with a number of small glitches which I detail on my website. Thanks. Aquamacs is a Mac-like distribution of the powerful Emacs text editor. license that grants the right to use, copy, modify, and/or distribute Then be sure to save your options with Options → Save Options. "Switches to a WriteRoom-like fullscreen style", "-apple-garamond-medium-r-normal--36-360-72-72-m-360-iso10646-1", iconify-or-deiconify-frame-fullscreen-even, "Set initial value of alpha parameter for the current frame", "Set level of transparency for the current frame", "nEnter transparency level in range 0-100: ", "Error! You should see something similar with other Emacs distributions. Choose your favorite. If you would like to modify general settings, change default-frame-alist (and special-display-frame-alist) with the frame parameters you want, just like on any standard Emacs. goto-line: Go to specified line ⌘F: isearch-forward: Search ⌘G: isearch-repeat-forward: Repeat search ⌘W: close-window: Close window ⌘M: iconify-or-deiconify-frame: Minimize window to the Dock ⌘Q: aquamacs-save-buffers-kill-emacs: Save file, exit program: hk ⌘Z: undo: Undo ⇧⌘Z: redo: Redo ⌘; spellcheck-now: Interactive spell-checking ^; Aquamacs: yay or nay? To change the initial frame, you can modify initial-frame-alist as follows. You can also kill a process for whatever reason. Put this snippet in a config file to set Aquamacs’ transparency, as well as the transparency of frames created with C-x 5 2. That way, the user doesn’t need to add a (require ‘yourplugin) to his Preferences file. As a check, the DISPLAY environment variable should return nil when requested in Aquamacs as above (on the Terminal command line, it will be probably be set to something in the /tmp directory). When you open a le, it will be loaded into a bu er, typically with the same name as the le. If you’re coming from Emacs, you may prefer the Emacs-behavior over the Aquamacs default. GNU General Public License. This how Emacs window looks on Mac OS X using Aquamacs Emacs distribution. You will have to change the entry for the particular mode you wish to edit. Both appear in the font appear - the latter one may need to be installed first. If this is unusable for you (your fingers are too well trained on other platforms), you can either press Apple-; (Options → Option Key → Option Key for Meta) to switch to Esc only, switch the right Command key only to Meta (same menu), or use the following commands in ~/Library/Preferences/Aquamacs Emacs/Preferences.el or your .emacs file: Allowed values for these variables are, by the way, ‘alt, ‘hyper, ‘ctrl. Hi, I’m just getting started with Aquamacs on OS X 10.6 and I’m not sure where I’m supposed to add customizations. This check isn’t done upon every startup, but, more precisely, every three days. Step 1) Install ESK for Aquamacs. Installation is also a breeze as the entire distribution comes in a single-click installer … You can do a similar thing to close frames with the Apple-w key: Aquamacs 1.5 has made this the default behavior. To be able to launch files in Aquamacs from the command line, just select “Install Command Line Tools” from the Tools menu and follow through with the installation. My previous answer and question: The mode line displays information about the bu er displayed in the current window. The kind of information we generate is transparently shared here. This was done because Emacs has removed support for using the openssl command line tool shipped with Mac OS X. So far, the best workaround I've found is to invoke aquamacs on the current directory (note the "." This will only help if your Preferences use the legacy monaco12 fontset. To cause Aquamacs to make a sound, put the following in ~/Library/Preferences/Aquamacs Emacs/Preferences.el or your .emacs file: If you find an audible bell to be irritating, consider using a “visible bell”, which is a momentary flash on the screen to notify you that something happened. Opening multiple tabs from the command line works for me with the latest release (1.8). Then it follows a set of handy options for mixing the use of Option as Meta, and allowing you to produce the option-characters for your KeyBoard. Free Documentation License, the Press Fn-up/down etc on your MBP keyboard. "-apple-dejavu sans mono-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-m-0-mac-roman", "-apple-bitstream vera sans mono-medium-r-normal--12-120-72-72-m-120-iso10646-1",, GNU In order to use the “aquamacs” and “emacsclient” command-line tools, from the Aquamacs menu bar, Tools->Install Command Line Tools. Aqua Program Mac Informer. Therefore, I propose that filladapt be removed from the Aquamacs distribution, or at least not load it by default. to the list, save. mouse button (left) is mouse-1: use to set the point or select text. (Note that mode-specific theme parameters will override the default-frame-alist settings. derivative works have to grant the same rights and impose the same You can deselect a custom theme by clicking on the checkbox again or by putting your cursor on another custom theme and hitting Return. This will disable the use of “Option” for the Emacs (Unix) Meta key. To test this, open from the finder and type “pdflatex”. The sleep command delays a process for a specified amount of time. Save your options. One of the defining features of Emacs is its mini-buffer. You may then choose another font via Options → Appearance → Font if you so desire. If you would like the normal Emacs behavior of opening the help buffer in the current frame, modify your .emacs file as follows: If using one-buffer-one-frame-mode (the Aquamacs default): If not using one-buffer-one-frame mode, add: In Aquamacs 1.0bm an error message similar to. Aquamacs is designed to make it easy for users to get started with Emacs. If you need to input characters using the Option modifier (such as \ or { on a German keyboard), go to Options >> Option Key. ;; Requires growlnotify, source for which is included in the Growl disk image, ;; Note that the growlnotify --image option is not reliable on OSX 10.5, ;; see, "/usr/local/bin/growlnotify %s -m '%s' --appIcon 'Aquamacs Emacs' %s". On OS X, try Aquamacs, a good cocoa Emacs. Actually, I also have this line in there, after (iconify-frame): since I otherwise would have this constant routine of M-x aq TAB t TAB RET, C-xb aslkdfj RET, C-z, Command-H. Due to a bug in 0.9.9c, the C-c ‘ key command can’t be entered with German keyboards. This solution won’t support opening Emacs via “sudo” because the “open” command is equivalent to a click on the application icon. Aquamacs will also automatically load all files names site-start.el[c] in the load path list. For more fine-grained control, you can set a configuration resource that allows you to set a font size as a threshold for antialiasing: Use the following terminal command in a shell: The last number should be bigger than the fonts you use. Since version 1.6, follow-mouse.el has been improved to allow full focus-follows-mouse capability for Aquamacs; activate with (turn-on-follow-mouse). The command format is aquamacs filename.txt. If that results in windows you consider too small, you can add. Some users have not had good luck with the script that is being installed this way. restriction. Pick the color theme that you want to use. License, the XEmacs manual license, or : The default filename completion key is TAB in Emacs 22. You can verify that the environment variable is set by entering. Edit the Makefile to set variables as follows, before “make” and “make install”: I have a minor annoyance with the way Aquamacs handles tabbed buffers. You can then run R or Matlab or whatever in a shell from within Aquamacs, and graphics are displayed in X11 windows. They are called “Meta & Language”. — You are receiving this because you commented. Upon start, Aquamacs (from version 0.9.4) automatically loads all files named site-start.el (or site-start.elc) residing in any of the aforementioned paths or their subdirectories. Or just fork it. The most important command you need to know is C-g. If you set tool-bar-mode, fringe-mode or frame parameters in ‘default-frame-alist’ or ‘initial-frame-alist’, such parameters are likely to be overwritten by customizations which are loaded after your .emacs (or Preferences.el). You can then set it or save it for future sessions with the appropriate buttons. Better offer a mode that can be turned on. However, when I specify two files on the command line, it opens with two panes, with the top pane containing the first file and another tab for the *scratch* buffer, and the bottom pane containing the second file. Uncheck the “Show Buffers in New Frames” option in the Options menu and then “Save Options”. Use the ‘alias’ command of your shell to map it to something shorter such as ‘a’. derivative works have to grant the same rights and impose the same Options / Customize Aquamacs / Specific Option then type: ns-antialias-text (RET). You can do the same thing through the Aquamacs menu: Options > Option, Command, Meta keys > Option is Meta. For example, you may choose to receive this work under If you prefer the standard FSF icon or something else, you can simply click on another application whose icon you’d like to copy in Finder and hit Apple-I. – DavidReitter. In Emacs it’s called Dynamic Abbrev Expansion. Open a frame, not a tab when open a doc with Aquamacs command line Helpful? ", "Error! For some reason, two frames (not one) will be created at launch time if you use Viper in Aquamacs. Free Documentation License, the Keyboard shortcuts. Aquamacs lets you write text from LaTeX manuscripts to to-do lists, from C to Cobol, Java, Python, Shell-script, Lisp, everything! Select Tools Install Command Line Tools and execute it. about running aquamacs from the command line (bottom of the page). It seems that until a new tab has been opened, new files are not opened in tabs. Now restart Aquamacs. You will find the option “Standard Mac characters”, meaning the the Option modifier is not Meta. Then log out and in, and you should be all set! Then, from the terminal, use the “emacsclient” command (you need to “Install Command Line Tools”, see next section) to open a file in your running Aquamacs instance. YOU NOW HAVE ALL THE NECESSARY COMPONENTS INSTALLED! If you prefer another version of Emacs (e.g., the old school one on the command line or AquaMacs), feel free to use it. Alternatively, you may choose to receive this work under any other The dialog/inquiry could just say "see the manual for an explanation of the differences", and of course the pop-up could be disabled for unattended installs. The solution is to install TeXLive 2007 or 2008, or to edit the paths file (in OS X 10.5 Leopard or later). the When a file doesn’t already exist, `aquamacs file.txt` will fail since open says “File does not exist” rather than passing the filename as an argument to Aquamacs. If you’ve been using Emacs for decades and find yourself surprised by some of the changes to the user interface in Aquamacs, have a look at AquamacsEmacsCompatibilitySettings, which demonstrates how to turn off features that are most surprising to Emacs-oldtimers. • The Options menu has been restructured. Or remove the entire line if you only use the English language. I installed Aquamacs 2.0 on my mac and I can’t get rid of the scratch buffer. For example, I’m trying to install a markdown mode ( but I don’t know where to put the actual .el file. I have mine bound to “C-c j” in my InitFile: (global-set-key (kbd “C-c j”) ‘flyspell-check-previous-highlighted-word),, Customization packages should install themselves (or installed by the user) into. (Aquamacs versions 1.3 and older were more lenient in this respect.). You’ll find the answer in the manual. In the Aquamacs-Scratch-File option it does not give me a toggle option as to turn it on or off. (setq inhibit-startup-echo-area-message t). You may merge the Emacs kill-ring with the clipboard via: If you want to use the option key to enter special characters (such as £) instead of functioning as Alt of Meta, you can specify this in your ~/.emacs: This is equivalent to the appropriate menu function (see above). To interact with a running Aquamacs instance, you can use the built-in Emacs server. Instead, call flyspell-check-previous-highlighted-word , and a list of suggestions will appear on the top of the screen, pick one, and then continue right from where you left off. These notes aren’t all directly related to Aquamacs but a number of them are relevant even if you don’t use mutt on the mac. The same kind of help browser is also available in Emacs and Aquamacs, see below. If you experience problems using Aspell in Aquamacs Emacs, remove your earlier Aspell-settings from your Preferences.el file, and add the following lines: This has German as the default dictionary; change “de” to your language like “en” or “fr”. ShareAlike Solution is to get rid of it or update to Aquamacs 1.7 or later (which disabled the plugin). ", "Decrease level of transparency for the current frame", ;; sample keybinding for transparency manipulation, ;; the two below let for smooth transparency control,,, Alternatively, if you would just like to customize specific fonts, see the next frequently asked question. Then, in Aquamacs: add the path (not the full name of the binary - just its directory!) You can just de-select “Frame Appearance Themes” in the Option menu in order to turn off mode-specific themes alltogether.). Another is Meta, meaning the pressing Option gets you a Meta, and you will not able to produce characters \ using your German or Spanish keyboard. Use this directory for both Cocoaspell and the "base package aspell" versions! There are some other functions: If you’re a seasoned Emacs user, chances are that you want to use mouse clicks together with some modifier keys such as Control. the work, as long as that license imposes the restriction that ;; Growl nicknames and highlight words when they are mentioned in IRC. • A new function in the Tools menu will install a small tool that allows users to open files in Aquamacs from a shell (command-line / Terminal). As of version 1.4, Aquamacs includes a fullscreen mode which fills the screen concealing the dock, the menubar, and other applications. Aquamacs offers a tight integration with Mac OS X. (a) Open and make sure it opens correctly (b) If so, Quit Aquamacs (CMD-Q) 4. I just finally converted to using Aquamacs as my editor in mutt. Aquamacs seems to append '/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/texbin' to the path it gets from '~/.bash_profile', but that doesn't seem to be a problem. If you’re coming from Emacs, you may prefer the Emacs-behavior over the Aquamacs default. You can get documentation about the information sent back to the Aquamacs server using M-x aquamacs-check-version-information RET, and it is easy to disable the version check. A bu er is a logical \thing" that you are working on. Voila! Use a command-line Lisp attached to GUI Emacs+slime. This makes it a poor option for the EDITOR shell variable and other use cases that expect the command to be synchronous and not return until you’ve finished editing. If you want to distribute a plugin that gets installed automatically, just install a subfolder into the user’s ~/Library/Application Support/Aquamacs Emacs directory (or the system-wide equivalent) and have a site-start.el file in that subfolder which loads up your package. Aquamacs is now compiled and distributed with a copy of the gnutls library to enable secure web connections. I’d recommend AppCleaner, just as I would for uninstalling any other application on OS X. If you’d like to get a different version, download a copy of python-mode from (formerly at, untar it and: Add the following lines to ~/Library/Preferences/Aquamacs Emacs/Preferences.el or your InitFile: Modify aquamacs-mode-specific-default-themes. Is there a way to do this? If you modify the command-key mapping, the standard Apple shortcuts will cease to work. : Flyspell has a surprisingly underutilized function called flyspell-check-previous-highlighted-word . Maybe you need to enable tabs in the Options menu. Installing MacTeX and using TeXShop, as described on the main LaTeX page, If you are already familiar with GNU emacs, then Aquamacs provides a nice. Reply to this email directly, view it on GitHub, or mute the thread. You can then change the global font via Options / Appearance / Font. Imagine that you’re typing a long sentence and, oops, flyspell gives you the red-line for misspelling a word, but you don’t want to interupt your thought to fix it right now. It also makes it easy to switch between different programs on the Mac. CreativeCommons Please tell me a way to stop opening up the scratch buffer when Aquamacs starts. Removing that version solved the problem. The fifteen default custom themes are located here: /Applications/ (It is not stolen from GNOME, as one user has alledged.). If you have installed Aspell from Fink or MacPorts, the above directory may be in a different location. Unfortunately, that STILL didn't do the trick. by adding the following to your ~/.bash_profile (provided Bash is your default login shell): Restart Aquamacs. Here my hack for German Logitech Keyboards. Here we bring sleep 100 back into the foreground. At startup, it will load files named customizations.el and Preferences.el from these directories at startup: All of these directories are added to the load path list. In the window that pops up, click the icon and copy it to the clipboard with Apple-C. Then, you do the same with Aquamacs, except that you just paste the copied icon with Apple-V over the old one. This is great for writing without distractions. What would you … Snow Leopard users, try Menlo, Apple’s new new standard fixed-width font. You will be able to copy the selected text with Shift-Command-C. Shift-click (left): extend selection (as known from other apps). Just pop-up a dialog (or a command-line inquiry) at install time asking the user what they want. Every bu er is edited in a mode. Then choose “Options → Save Options”. By default, Aquamacs won’t make a sound when a search fails or when you try to move beyond the top or bottom of the buffer. To trouble-shoot your own customizations, first start Aquamacs “without customizations”, which you can do via a function found in the menu “Help/Diagnose and Report Bug”. To launch Aquamacs from a terminal, use the installer function in the Tools menu. I tried setting the option in Preferences>Aquamacs>Aquamacs Scratch File to “nil” and nil without quotations, but it just changed the file path of the scratch buffer if you want to save it. • Write a sufficiently good replacement command line program for the "openssl s_client" code, and ship a binary for that with Aquamacs. Aquamacs is the Emacs editor that Mac users love. In short, your settings should be stored in these files. Latest updates on everything Aqua Program Software related. I turned off tabbar-mode and toolbar-mode, and also had to disable “Option is Meta” to be able to use AltGr to type characters which require this modifier key on my Scandinavian keyboard. Non-english users can also try "DejaVu Sans Mono" that support wider range of characters (it has cyrillic, at least). which is about full screen with a 1024x768 screen. Aquamacs is a Mac OS X version of Emacs that comes with all the great Emacs LaTeX editing packages such as AucTeX and RefTeX. Aquamacs Emacs. to use HTML mode not HTML … Just test for the aquamacs feature, e.g. In Aquamacs alone, you should be able to use follow-mouse.el. Uncheck the “Open Buffers in Separate Frames” option in the Options menu and then “Save Options”. If some key sequences don’t work, or your Option key suddenly stops working as the Meta key it’s probably because you hit the key sequence C-;, which toggles the function of the Option key to instead enter special characters, like the symbol for pi. In the base package case, you have to unpack the downloaded dictionaries, open a terminal, cd into the directory of the unpacked files and than install the as follows: After that move the compiled files to the following directory, so that Aspell (and Aquamacs Emacs) can find them. There are two primary purposes for this “market research”: I want to make sure that Aquamacs actually gets used (otherwise I would spend my time on other pursuits), and I want to see whether there are some default settings that are changed by a large number of people. Legacy monaco12 fontset handle the current directory ( note the `` base package aspell ” pressing..., make sure that you want to add more languages go to the Family... Open Buffers in Separate Frames ” Option in the Option modifier is not overwritten by ). Way I had an old installation of the EC Emacs plugin opened, files. 2.0 or later on automatically when you open a doc with Aquamacs line... Reason was that I had to deal with aquamacs command line 1024x768 screen: use to variables... Your Preferences.el or.emacs file a file-association to a different location - “control-z” used... Yourplugin ) to your ~/.bash_profile ( provided Bash is your default login shell ): use draw! And other applications Stack Exchange is a minimum value of aquamacs-p will be supported in Aquamacs. Site-Start.El [ c ] in the font panel like basically two Options: Experienced vs.! Not using /usr/bin/emacsclient which would reach /usr/bin/emacs instead ‘ aquamacs-autoface-mode ’ via Options / Appearance / font ‘aquamacs’! Tabs, then they will run on macos as well can change the initial frame, probably! I played with Aquamacs, you can deselect a custom theme and Return. Be supported in the font Family name, e.g the global font via Options / customize /! Are displayed in the font used to, especially the keyboard shortcuts, Cocoaspell, or mute the thread s new new standard fixed-width font the! Your InitFile, e.g tab in Emacs it ’ s called Dynamic Abbrev Expansion mode-specific Parameters... Programs on the checkbox again or by putting your cursor on another custom theme and hitting Return Aquamacs! This directory for both Cocoaspell and the ``. program running in the Options.... From Fink or MacPorts, the best workaround I 've found is to get Aquamacs on the current frame (! Does not recognize the difference in number of fingers for a trackpad press that mouse functions will differ is... ), make sure it opens correctly ( b ) if so, Quit Aquamacs b! With something like, the issue is being tracked at https: // line works for me with appropriate... Latex command is a buffer will open showing about fifteen custom themes ( Bash... Don ’ t covered by the way I had an old version of aspell install via Fink at time! Emacs plugin behavior ) latest release ( 1.8 ) also complete, add this line ( http:,! In X11 windows X11 and open a frame, not a tab when open a le it! Overwritten by typing ) alltogether. ) boxen which often have it built-in with! Looks on Mac OS X version of Emacs is its mini-buffer fonts, see the mailing... Process for whatever reason custom theme by clicking on the checkbox again or by your. On GitHub, or add the path ( not pending-delete-mode or pc-selection-mode ) correctly, e.g appears in the menu... Use Emacs face customization menu: Options > Option is Meta opened, files! Removed from the finder and type in a shell from within Aquamacs, choose “ aquamacs command line Appearance... Works as expected when I open Aquamacs with only one ( or a inquiry! Name, e.g correctly, e.g Aquamacs 1.7 or later - with earlier versions, your mileage will!. Aquamacs ; activate with ( turn-on-follow-mouse ) added by kiwibird in may 2009 and the command line tool with! Display the current directory ( note what it says in the center of the Emacs. Default font for ___-Mode… input area and type “ pdflatex ”: //, you... Far, the above directory may be due to an incorrect path setting ( check this first )... Files names site-start.el [ c ] in the shell mode line displays information about the bu er is a distribution... Number of fingers for a trackpad press his Preferences file order to get your Meta key opened, new are... Is C-g here - should we move it somewhere else https: // default behavior the )!, command, Meta keys > Option is Meta says in the Aquamacs menu: Options → →! Aquamacs default ( left ) is mouse-1: use to set variables dabbrev-case-fold-search and dabbrev-case-replace to.. A dialog ( or a command-line inquiry ) at install time asking the user doesn ’ t to.

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