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At IYRS, you’ll learn the theory and technologies of both stand-alone and fully-integrated systems and the inner workings of a powerboat down to the most meticulous details. ", Ramsey also points out the need for continual training and innovation. The economic downturn of a decade ago had a huge effect on the marine industry, which was essentially cut in half from where it was at its height in 2008. var plc296584 = window.plc296584 || 0; "If you're not improving in this business, you're falling behind.". As today’s modern warship becomes more dependent upon its technological infrastructure, the skill and expertise of the electricians tasked … Marine electrician training programs are typically offered by schools of seamanship and specialized trade schools. (Photo: RIMTA). One company doing just that is MarineMax, a national broker, lender, and marine-service company that has seen its employee base aging and shrinking and witnessed a large gap when it comes to hiring new skilled workers to fill those openings. Apply to Electrician, Shipfitter, Industrial Electrician and more! Read more about what an electrical training program is like. Students will be taught how to use a multimeter to troubleshoot electric system failures and proper wiring techniques, with both lecture and hands on instruction. 613 Third Street, Suite 10 - Annapolis, MD 21403 - Phone: 410.990.4460 - Fax: 410.990.4466 These programs prepare students to work on electrical projects associated with boats, ships and other marine equipment. Marine electricians receive their training either through informal, on-the-job training or through an apprenticeship program. Go to A: Marine electricians work with their hands frequently, so enrolling in an apprenticeship program is an effective way to become a marine electrician. Each year colleges, tech schools, and industry associations offer millions of dollars in scholarships and grants. There's a great blue hole in the marine industry's skilled labor force. Jarrett Bay Boatworks puts a huge investment into its employees, so moving them up from within and helping them excel is critical. Opportunities will include environmental policymaking; regulations compliance; water-resource preservation; exotic/invasive pest control; and marine, ocean, and coastal conservation. Electrician Training Schools near Marine, IL Find Marine, IL. area trade schools and technical colleges with electrician certificate classes, diploma, and associate's degree programs. This 2-day class is designed for graduates of the Marine Electrical System Basics class who are looking for further hands-on training in troubleshooting electrical failures as well as designing and installing new equipment and circuitry. Fees are based on the number of class days according to the Broward County Public Schools calendar. var pid296584 = window.pid296584 || rnd; The team at Marine Electrical Supplies has over a century's worth of collective experience and knowledge in the Marine industry. All partner schools are accredited and have financial aid assistance for students who qualify. This interdisciplinary major marries social and natural sciences with statistics, economics, political ecology, computer programming, and more. If you are considering a career as a certified electrician… We are proud to offer only the highest quality products and brands with exceptional personal service. The marine industry awaits more electronically and technically motivated young people to enter the field, get solid training, and become an important part of taking the industry to the next level. To explore our comprehensive "BoatUS Marine Education Program" database of technical schools and colleges across the country, organized by interests, programs, locations, and specialties, which includes live links to all the schools. Building and fixing a boat today has become a much more technical enterprise than it was years ago — between CAD-CAM (computer-aided design, and computer-aided manufacturing), the use of space-age building materials and techniques, and all the sophisticated systems installed. MARINE ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES. Here's an idea of how many jobs in each category were available in 2014, estimated growth through 2024, and median salary in 2015. Students in the Rhode Island Marine Trades Association Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program get hands-on experience in a wide range of skills needed for jobs in the marine trades. "Manufacturers need to advertise this as a viable industry for a young person," says Marhevko, "and make it attractive by providing training." For instance: Sources:,,, © Marine Electrician - "One thing potential workers need to know is that while there are great jobs available, this is hard work. "There are lots of people who've studied marketing. Commercial Divers | Number of Jobs 2014: 4,400 | Expected Growth: 37% | Median Salary 2015: $50,470 | Education: Post-secondary certificate, Cartographers | Number of Jobs 2014: 12,300 | Expected Growth: 29% | Median Salary 2015: $61,880 | Education: Bachelor's degree, Marine Engineers/Naval Architects | Number of Jobs 2014: 8,300 | Expected Growth: 9%–13% | Median Salary 2015: $93,110 | Education: Bachelor's degree, Ship & Boat Captains | Number of Jobs 2014: 35,000 | Expected Growth: 9%–13% | Median Salary 2015: $76,780 | Education: Post-secondary certificate, Environmental Scientists & Specialists | Number of Jobs 2014: 95,000 | Expected Growth: 9%–13% | Median Salary 2015: $64,460 | Education: Bachelor's or Master's degree, Diesel Service Technicians & Mechanics | Number of Jobs 2014: 263,900 | Expected Growth: 12% | Median Salary 2015: $44,520 | Education: High-school diploma or equivalent, post-secondary certificate, Small-Engine Mechanics | Number of Jobs 2014: 71,700 | Expected Growth: 5%–8% | Median Salary 2015: $34,650 | Education: High-school diploma or equivalent, post-secondary certificate, Ship Engineers | Number of Jobs 2014: 10,000 | Expected Growth: 5%–8% | Median Salary 2015: $72,870 | Education: Post-secondary certificate, Environmental Economists | Number of Jobs 2014: 22,000 | Expected Growth: 5%–8% | Median Salary 2015: $99,180 | Education: Master's or doctoral degree, Biologists (including marine, aquatic, fisheries) | Number of Jobs 2014: 36,000 | Expected Growth: 2%–4% | Median Salary 2015: $72,220 | Education: Bachelor's, Master's, or post-doctoral training. Find Marine, IL. This "skills gap" carries over into the boating industry, translating into a glut of available jobs — from manufacturing, to building, to engine mechanics — with no one to fill them. This concentration has grown significantly in the last decade due to the changing climate and water levels and to the many legal and policy changes regarding our oceans and waterways, coastlines, and water rights. And while you're there, read our other in-depth article on this subject: "The 2011 Boat Lovers' Guide to Marine Trade Schools" by contributing editor Tim Murphy. American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) and individual manufacturers are involved in the training. Find an electrical school near you. As you research potential college majors in our online "BoatUS Marine Education Program" database, you'll find many of the traditional marine biology, marine science, and oceanography programs. Marine electricians are responsible for installing and maintaining wiring and electrical systems on ships and boats. Making matters worse, high schools are cutting basic vocational classes like woodworking, auto repair, plumbing, electrical, and drafting, which in the past funneled students into manufacturing and technical jobs. var absrc = ';ID=170269;size=300x250;setID=296584;type=iframe;sw='+screen.width+';sh='+screen.height+';spr='+window.devicePixelRatio+';kw='+abkw+';pid='+pid296584+';place='+(plc296584++)+';rnd='+rnd+';click=CLICK_MACRO_PLACEHOLDER'; This is an official U.S. Marine Corps website Updated: December 01, 2020 MARINE ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS: LEVEL II. document.write(''); Employment in environmental and marine fields is expected to grow nearly 30 percent by 2018, according to a U.S. Department of Labor report. Ramsey points out that this issue has bigger implications than just employment: The lack of available workers affects boaters, too. When you take marine electrical courses, you will learn: MARDET Presidio of Monterey Marine Corps Engineer School Marine Corps Intelligence Schools. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. Read more: How Long Is Electrician Training? He or she may also handle emergency repairs on ships in port, in dry dock, and out at sea. Universities and Colleges: Clarkson University: Colorado School of Mines: Dalhousie University Use the program search application to connect with an electrical trade school near Marine. There's a lot of info on the web about what it takes to become an electrician, but most of it is confusing, and a lot of it is wrong! In terms of higher education levels, we found that 2.3% of marine electricians have master's degrees. Marine electricians perform many of the same duties as their commercial and industrial counterparts, though training as a regular electrician will typically not prepare you to become a marine electrician. Simple electrical systems fall under the responsibilities of a marine electrician, while more advanced technology may require a marine engineer. But once you get past that, the jobs are highly rewarding, both financially and from a career perspective. Photo: Pete Chambliss/EYCF "Technical sch… 229 Marine Electrician jobs available on "But candidates are coming into our dealerships trained in the basics, without the necessary real-world experience with different brands and different complex systems." It's easy to hire engineers. Electricians may work in private homes, businesses, industrial facilities, telecommunications and security companies; at constructions sites and on solar and wind installation projects--even in the marine industry, keeping a ship’s electronics in proper working order. Privacy Policy, The 2011 Boat Lovers' Guide to Marine Trade Schools, The 2011 Boat Lovers' Guide to Marine Colleges. "Either we have to turn away business, or customers have to look elsewhere due to long turnarounds.". It's a rare sight these days. Jarrett Bay employs about 180 people, including machinists, electricians, plumbers, mechanical fitters, woodworkers, painters, and laminators. We've determined that 16.4% of marine electricians have a bachelor's degree. All interested candidates should apply to Admissions at the main school. Career Studies Certificate - Marine Electrical. Electrician ELECTRICIANS master the techniques involved in the layout, installation, hookup and testing of every electrical system aboard ship. According to the U.S. Marine Corps, the job of a Marine Corps electrician or 1141 includes installing, operating, maintaining, and repairing electrical power distribution systems, whether those systems are underground, above ground, and overhead. Take college electrical courses and learn to read blueprints, run wiring, inspect and replace defective parts, and assure local electric codes are being met. But hiring mechanics? The short-term program for Rhode Islanders has an over-90-percent job-placement rate. "Our boatbuilding members say they want to expand, but there aren't enough people to hire." var abkw = window.abkw || ''; The causes are complex, and easy solutions remain elusive. MARDET Ft Huachuca MARDET Lackland It's physically demanding. The weaker manufacturers went out of business; the stronger ones diversified.

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