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The small and medium-sized things are placed on a pedestal and decorated with flowers. Aayudham literally means weapon. - Religion News What it means here is that the tool one uses in his or her profession, may be a pen in case of a writer, a machete in the case of a butcher, a computer and keyboard in the hands of a computer professional and so on. Temple Directions Government Holidays 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 - 2007 On this day, all instruments - big and small - are cleaned and worshipped. ayudha pooja 2019 is the worship of the weapon. In her message, Bedi said Ayudha pooja is an important part of 'navarathri' festival that is celebrated in different ways across the nation. While mostly people worship Maa Siddhidatri, some worship Maa Saraswati—the deity of knowledge and wisdom. Ayudha Puja is celebrated on the ninth day of Navratri festival, also worshiping of tools which makes ones living. Ayudha Puja Date and Timings Of Muhurat: Now, that we know about the significance of Ayudha Puja, let us understand the timings to perform the Puja on this auspicious day. Individually, we all use weapons. Durga Navami, Ayudha Puja, Saraswati Puja, Durga Puja 2019 Pooja Vidhi, Mantra, Timings Live Updates: Maha Navami, also known as Durga Navami, is an Indian festival that is celebrated on the ninth day of Navratri and the fourth day of Durga Puja… It is also called “Astra Puja” or Saraswati Puja. When is Ayudha Puja 2020? Maha Navami 2019: From Ayudha Puja to Maha Navami, know how ninth day of Navratri is celebrated across India On the day of Navami, Goddess Durga is worshipped in different forms in different parts of the country. It is called by … 1815 Tullamore Ave, Bloomington, IL 61704 , USA. Maha Navami 2019 / Durga Navami 2019: Date, Time, Muhurat And Tithi For Puja. This year, Ayudha Puja falls on October 25th, i.e., the ninth day of Navratri. It means “worship of instruments.” The puja is celebrated in Tamil Nadu as Ayudha Pujai, in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh as Aayudha Pooja. Dates for Dussehra – the United States. What rituals are performed on Ayudha Puja? This year: Sun, Oct 25, 2020: Next year: Doesn't occur in 2021: Last year: Mon, Oct 7, 2019 Phone Number: 309-662-3999. How to do Ayudha puja, mantra, benefits at mPanchang. Ayudha Pooja 2019: Ayudha Pooja, a part of 9-day Navratri festival, is also called "Astra Pooja," where instruments are worshipped. Ayudha Puja is a part of the Navratri festival, a Hindu festival that is traditionally celebrated in India. Ayudha pooja. Ayudha Puja Date: October 25, 2020, Sunday Ayudha Puja Vijaya Muhurat - 01:57 PM to 02:42 PM (45 Mins) Navami Tithi Begins - 06:58 AM on Oct 24, 2020

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