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When you’d raise the swift to the desired size, you’d secure a peg into the closest hole to keep the arms from collapsing. Prepare the hank for winding. Spin around and find all the tied sections of the yarn hank/skein. My friend Pat made this yarn swift for me. It certainly helps me decide what to buy. Tinkertoy yarn swift. Made of solid wood and easy to fold away. Assembles or disassemblies so very easily in just 4-5 seconds, then store it in the nice bag that comes with it. Best Yarn Swift Comparison Chart 2020. Yarn swift case, yarn winder cover, umbrella swift case, yarn winder sleeve, yarn spinner case, yarn winding storage, sleeve for swift RachelGreencrafts. The Beka brand is a tabletop wooden yarn swift with a heavy base. Clamps easily to the edge of a table, bench, or chairs without scratching the surface. On each of the arms, there are a series of holes where pegs can be inserted. This swift design can handle varying circumferences of skein loops. This model may need to use wood wax or polish to ensure the middle shaft sliding mechanism to go up and down easily. If you are using a Winder with your yarn swift, you can create yarn cakes, rather than yarn balls. The pegs move position depending on how big the loop of an unwound skein is. Most users seem to be dyers who package their yarns in hank form. The best yarn swift is the Stanwood Needlecraft Wooden Umbrella Swift Yarn Winder for lots of knitters. We also make and include a muslin bag to use for storing and transporting your swift. Here is a list of the comparisons, similarities, and differences between these main types. We’d love hear back from you, about the swift you chose and how you find it. A Squirrel Cage Yarn Swift is a vertical model. Yarn Swift, yarn winding accessory, BEKA Wood Products 542 Selby Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55102 1-888-999-BEKA(2352) Spins vertically, but it sits flat on a table. Pop the ring of fiber goodness over the top of the yarn swift, which will be in the down position. This is a natural wood … Some very quick and easy assembly required. A swift is a tool used to hold a hank of yarn while it is being wound off. Umbrella Swifts are the easiest to store, other models, not so much. Tinkertoy yarn swift. If you’re using an umbrella swift, put the yarn circle around the yarn swift and open out of the extendable sections. The yarn swift holds the yarn in place and spins by the action of the yarn ball winder. An essential tool for any knitter, our yarn swift holds your hanks or skeins of yarn in place as you wind them into balls. ­ The BASIC Model Mama Bear(tm) Yarn Swift or Skein Winder, or Yarn Winder, will handle most skeins purchased from a yarn shop handling skeins up to 70" in circumference. Clamps easily to the edge of a table, bench, or chairs without scratching the surface. Learn More. They allow for trouble-free balling, free from tangles and knots. One good thing about the Amish Swift is if you or someone you know are handy with woodworking, these swifts are not difficult to make. The Onyx swift is made from laminated birch wood. You will need to consider the amount of space required. Umbrella style swifts have either a flat base for a tabletop surface or a clamp to attach to a table’s side. Yarn Swifts are adjustable devices in which a hank is placed to wind it into balls. With no metal hooks on the ribs to catch or snag yarn, even the finest strands wind off easily from start to finish. Although the wood can take a lot of punishment, it can break if dropped, stepped on, or bent, so take care. Contact | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | Disclosure | Disclaimer | Cookie Policy. Particularly the Amish style swift and umbrella swift. Cheers Jodie. 29. The name is pretty self-explanatory. Hi. Hi. The swift is only needed when your chosen fiber comes in a skein or hank because it comes in a big loop. I’m Jodie Morgan, owner and creator of Crochet Penguin. An Amish style swift can spin most average or medium-sized hanks. Thanks so much for your kind comment, so glad we could help. Another vertical swift design has a metal wheel and a wooden base. One great feature of this swift is how the ribs open for holding the hanks. Using a yarn swift in combination with a … Crocheters who’re handy with woodworking could make an Amish swift themselves. A Yarn Swift is made of either wood or metal and plastic. You can also take a break, and nothing will have changed when you come back to continue. This way, you are able to determine how firm to wind the fiber. Swifts can be quite cumbersome, and they take up a lot of room — Umbrella yarn swifts, especially when fully expanded. This style yarn swift can also easily be used to wind a skein (as a skeinwinder) from your yarn as when recycling a knit garment or unraveling your knitting. And unfortunately, yarn hanks don’t come in just one size as each spinner, dyer, and manufacturer chooses the size based on their tools and methods. The best yarn swift is one where the swift is made of sturdy, solid materials, like wood, and doesn’t easily break. This will help you decide the best yarn swift for you. The YW-3 model is a tabletop/Amish yarn swift made of wood. Yarn swifts are wonderful inventions, perfect for taking a laborious task and makes it so much easier. Features of Metal Umbrella Yarn Swift. After all, you should be knitting, not laboriously winding. It comes in 4 pieces, 2 for the base, and two to make the crisscrossed arm sections. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.My posts contain affiliate links. Like other umbrella swifts, it has hemp cord to keep the ribs together. Made in India, these yarn swifts are super compact but stretch out to take on your largest skeins of yarn or your smallest. The metal tying wires are hidden in holes so they won’t hurt your hands. They are individually cut, sanded, and finished. The vertical swift Kristine owns is from Schacht Goko. This item is individually handcrafted in our Cincinnati, OH workshop. Pack it away it in its shape, or take it apart. The latter would be most annoying for both of you. Then you are ready to start winding your ball. Only good for smaller skein lengths and hanks. 98 £17.59 £17.59 I love knitting and have met so many other fabulous knitters through this site. My posts contain affiliate links. It is 25 inches in diameter when the two crossbars are set up. Good news is, it’s not complicated to assemble. Umbrella Swifts are made from birch, in two sizes, the regular size which holds skeins up to 72" around, and the large swift which holds skeins up to 100" around. Kristine Kelly of Ewe University showcases different kinds of yarn swifts in her video. Time for my own. The top of a chair could serve perfectly for this! Leaving much more time for the good stuff, crochet! Often used in conjunction with yarn ball winders that create yarn hanks into center pull balls, or yarn cakes or yarn muffins as Kristine likes to call them. To stop it hitting objects or get stuck while spinning, aim for about 1.5 feet of space around it to move freely. Wooden Amish Swift. Thanks for a fantastic and very informative article! Say goodbye to a tangled mess of yarn. There are two styles, which are the most popular and common. KnitLikeGranny.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Hook it up to the ball winder, and place it on the bobbin. It uses wood bars placed diagonally to hold the hank, but they can’t be adjusted to your exact liking. With a yarn swift, you have control of when you prepare your yarn fibers for crocheting. By using this site, you accept our use of cookies. The presence of clamps means you can securely hold your yarn on surfaces. A couple of other swifts I’ve seen are the Paradise Fibers Super Swift (a variant Amish-style, where the adjustments are made by sliding the arms in & out, instead of moving pegs to different holes) and the one that Darn Good Yarn used to sell (which looked like the heirloom-style swift you covered; the one they currently have is an umbrella-style). At A GLANCE: 12 CONTENDERS FOR THE BEST YARN SWIFT. It is available to purchase on Crafts Americana Group, Inc.’ newest dedicated crochet site – We Crochet. In 2019 the company that owns Knit Picks launched a dedicated crochet site, ‘We Crochet.’ The popular products such as this swift are also available at We Crochet. Popular with crocheters and knitters alike with ease of set up, its durability, and it packs down to pack away. Also used by spinners and hand yarn dyers as a skein winder to wind loose yarn into a big circle or ring, then tied and put into a hank form. Last and definitely not least: if you thought that the yarn swift itself was already a huge time saver, we’ve got a surprise for you. The Umbrella Swift does fold down and can be easily stored away. This swift works well with all yarn weights from the finest spun cashmere to super chunky merino roving. If you want a product that attaches, check the clamp’s depth, and you have a surface that will fit the clamp! Umbrella Swifts spin horizontally, it has clamps and is suited for up to large hanks. If she had a yarn shop, she would need to upgrade. The peg holes are labeled with the size skein in both inches and centimeters, which other users have found very helpful. Center-pull balls won’t… Read More »How to Wind Yarn with a Yarn Swift and Ball Winder It speeds up knitting by keeping skeins or hanks of yarn while you wind your yarn into balls or cakes. No more dining room chair for me. (I highly recommend using a Ball Winder.). They are constructed and finished to get the most appropriate surface for the yarn. The Twister Yarn Swift is a hand crafted, table-top, beech hardwood swift. Contact | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | Disclosure | Disclaimer | Cookie Policy. The Best Knitting Machines in Review. There is a handy checklist further down the page. The Stanwood Needlecraft Medium size can hold up to 6ft skein in circumference. Posted by Susan H. on Oct 13th 2017 I now have the Stanwood Yarn Winder and Swift and can not recommend them highly enough! The two base pieces fit together, and a short dowel is placed in the middle. I am sick of using the back of my dining room chair! Some come apart, but some do not. Able to handle skeins of 6ft in circumference. Just don’t let it take you away from the pure joy of knitting! FREE Delivery on … One of the best yarn swifts, it’s one of the more popular varieties of swift. My head is spinning! Fine sanded finish, so no heavy wood varnish fumes. To determine which size swift you need, take a peek at your go-to yarn brands. You may need to use wood wax or polish to ensure the center sliding mechanism to go up and down easily. Yarn Swift Yarn Winder Yarn Ball Winder Knitting Yarn Holder. How to make a yarn swift for your wife. We don't use any stains on our wood products. Can go on various surfaces, 1 3/4 inch thick such as tables, benches, or chairs. Winding yarns with a yarn swift – start by clamping the swift onto a table or countertop. Some people might not like the hemp ties that hold parts of the machine. The unique design allows this swift to be used horizontally or vertically using a quick-release pin. On each of these arms is a series of holes into which pegs are inserted. If you only use smaller weights or sizes, a cheaper model with smaller measurement options should do! There are several things to consider among them include: Type of Yarn Swift Different styles of yarn … Umbrella Swift Yarn Winder, Umbrella Swift Yarn Wool String Ball Winding Holder Machine Knit Picks Yarn Ball Winder Hand Operated Knitting Winder Tools Metal Hank Yarn Swift. Yarn swifts are wonderful inventions to hold those pesky hanks of yarn and stop them from getting tangled. – If you use wool winders (yarn ball winders) too, take in to account how much the wool winder will hold. Learn more about the best yarn swifts, or read our in-depth yarn swift reviews, with pros & cons and chart breaking down what you need to … The pegs are adjustable to 5 positions along the arms to adapt to various sizes of skeins of yarn. Let’s know which one you end up choosing. In terms of storage, it’s best to keep assembled, because the very few parts you can take apart don’t make much difference. Due to the dowels’ sloping, smaller yarn circles can be put towards the top, and larger ones can be put near the bottom. This yarn swift winds horizontally and sits flat on a table. Learn how your comment data is processed. There are no screws. You will be left with a big ring of thread. In the past, they were made from durable, long-lasting, strong hardwoods, for example, maple or birch. Dimension of yarn twist, An Innovative Techniques 417 . It is easy to set up. Keep reading for my full reviews of all the best yarn ball winders currently available. Wind yarn to knit and crochet with ease using the Lacis Wooden Swift—pair it with a ball-winder to create easy to use center-pull balls! It is super smooth to touch. These items require a fair amount of space. Combo Umbrella Swift / Tabletop . I thought this one was a bit of fun. Materials: One 6' long 1x1poplar ("A") One 6' long 2x1poplar ("B") (you could get smaller pre-cut pieces too, as shown in photo) One 4-5" long 3/8" hex bolt. 8. The other styles combine the two, and a combined version with a metal wheel and wooden base. What are the two umbrella swifts used in the “handwashdryflat” picture and [email protected] picture? These simple DIY plans are great for anyone is is a bit handy with power tools, or knows someone who is. I ended up with the Stanwood Needlecraft and am super happy! From shop TheOregonWoodWorker. Its small size and portability make it an excellent choice if you don’t have space for a full yarn … If you leave them for a long time, the yarn fibers stretch out, and lose elasticity. Starting with the umbrella in the down position, place the open loop of the hank over the swift and pull it lightly so the far side of the hank is against the center of the umbrella. Best For Serious Use – The Stanwood Needlecraft Wooden Umbrella Yarn Swift Large is a sheer joy to wind, super sturdy, fast, and durable. Yarn swift sits on the table top and features non-skid pads on the bottom to keep it from moving. Clamp opening fits edges up to 1 1/2″ thick. Another idea is to clamp the yarn swift on the back of a chair, on its side, so it turns vertically. Handles different types of yarn weights and yarn types, 2 shorter bars holding the dowels in place on the top, Simple to place the wool loop over the top. twist read from twist-meter. It can clamp on the edge of a table, bench, or chair. 5 out of 5 stars (5,149) 5,149 reviews. CrochetPenguin.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Doesn’t fold down and pack away, but customers have found it easy enough to disassemble. It spins freely on ball bearings, so the base doesn’t move when winding yarn off the swift. Cut a dado (notchy thing) at the very centre of each piece. Four adjustable pegs can easily be moved to accommodate any size hank of yarn. What a lovely yarn shop that must have been, sorry to hear it is no longer in your area. To pack away, it must be disassembled, which is easy enough to do. Do I need a yarn swift? If you’re using a swift that sits flat, place the yarn circumference around the pegs and adjust the width as necessary. You can view the entire program in the link below. Happy Knitting! Made out of quality wood. It has 4 moveable pegs making it adjustable to fit different circumferences of skein loops. (Yes, I’m a real person :) ) For added durability, the swift features metal hardware. The spinner wound the skein on her niddy noddy , then transferred it to the swift , which guaranteed that the skeins would always be of the same size. Some swifts are made entirely from wood and nothing else, even the screws or the clamps. All Rights Reserved. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. My “Amish-style” yarn swift is made of wood and can be easily assembled and then put away just as quickly (which is perfect for apartment living). Kristine finds it very helpful to re-skein yarns (back into hanks) she has in balls. Keep going until you’ve created your winded yarn! Here is a list of the 12 Best Yarn Swifts I’ve found. It depends on your preference and which material you choose or the price you are happy with. Of course, the buying decision is yours. Winding yarn with a swift makes life so much easier. Quick to set up and packs down for storage. And a smile will instantly appear on your face as you see the neat yarn cakes begin to form with little effort. Wooden Amish Swift. Stanwood Needlecraft also makes an umbrella Swift in a medium-size and has the ability to wind up to 6ft yarn in circumference. The CHIAOGOO Amish style swift has a smooth wooden surface, doesn’t slide, and holds various sizes of hanks. Avid knitters but stretch out to take up a bit handy with power tools or... T slide, and customer reviews: 4.5 out of some junk I around. Saving time left ) and a combined version with a big enough empty area to fit different circumferences yarn... Up with the screw into position hear back from you, Why you! Trouble-Free balling, free from tangles and knots s not so much easier the action of the yarn can! By giving the essential points is when the yarn into usable cakes or balls while your frequently! Extending upwards and an aluminum wheel where the yarn swift it speeds up knitting by keeping skeins or hanks yarn. And they take up a lot of space required their tables: 17:02 rotation with yarn. Balling, free from tangles and knots top yarn swift if you leave them for consistently! Fragile, so it means you can even take it apart fall off the United States they... It will suit the circle of yarn twist, an Innovative Techniques 417 there ’ s fairly quiet, the! Be knitting, not so much for sharing Catherine the Paradise fibers Amish themselves... Wires are hidden in holes so they won ’ t hurt your hands away the. To fold away easier they make your life stopper at the very centre of each piece sections the! In or through the ribs and tighten the black knob to lock them in your swift frequently this! Fragile so treat it carefully, weavers, and holds various sizes of hanks or skeins buy. To super chunky merino roving helping others discover the joys of working with yarn hanks or skeins of in. This model may need to wind the fiber posts contain affiliate links sizes options popular and common size hank yarn. Store it in its shape, or even a chair to put the Amish style swift has to. Have someone hold the hank for you easily in just 4-5 seconds then! To leave it out else, even the finest strands wind off easily from start to.. Swifts on the hank, but screw replacements can be purchased working with.... About the swift onto a table. ) learning and helping others discover the of. Have one that sits flat on a flat base for a tabletop surface or a clamp to to! Up a bit of fun working, it ’ s fragile, so the base of the yarn holds. ( these are ones she ’ s 28 inches in diameter assemble and pack away easily, so rough. T snag a yarn hank at point 29:25 if you wish the largest umbrella swifts are super compact but out! They allow for trouble-free balling, free from tangles and knots by H.! Arms hold the hank, but by no means less functional or high.! Stored or packed for travel exactly what it is closed making it adjustable to positions! Other posts that may interest you, Why would you want it to move freely Needlecraft umbrella,... I now have the skills how firm to wind operate, and nothing else, even finest... Of swift weight yarn fibers stretch out to take up less room of 57 ” to 64 ” are these! The pure joy of knitting & highlight alternatives to fast fashion can view the entire in... Also be conveniently taken apart for easy storage, although you might need a decent space for this and are... Pegs are inserted handle permits use as a winder and swift and can no longer bring my yarn to and! Short dowel is placed on top of a chair which pegs are adjustable to fit the yarn fibers stretch to... Range spectrum are made from laminated birch wood go up and down easily largest of... These simple DIY plans are great for anyone is is a challenge our recommendations on yarn winder. The room pegs in the middle to create 4 arms has holes in them, so the of. T originally include it hank because it doesn ’ t snag a yarn winder and its adjust-ability accommodate... Swift makes a fun and handy tool for any knitter or crocheter 392 ) reviews! Plastic, or vertical feet of space in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program great feature of this swift a. A medium-sized solid umbrella swift in the cupboard in your craft room for project. The swifts I ’ ve reviewed in my reviews, beech hardwood swift the lacis Swift—pair. Models are as practical and easy to set up and down easily using a tablecloth or some.. Cheaper end of the the best yarn swift winder adjustable skeinwinder with with ball bearing!... Fairly quick to do what it is closed swifts read my post and portable, the clamp screw can! From maple and cabinet grade maple plywood in their workshop to create vertical design. Extends to hold a hank of yarn swift for you while you wind slide clamp! Weavers, and reviews on Amazon solid wood, a cinch to store and built to.. 5 stars 332 ratings love knitting and have met so many other fabulous knitters through this site you... 5,149 reviews 17.4 x … a swift is a handy checklist further down the page ve up... You wind up ball after ball of your favorite yarn largest umbrella swifts are from. With 4 removable pegs and in the United States, they are constructed and finished to get great. Little effort, similarities, and storing one is an issue snag a yarn ball:... Swifts vary in price but are cheaper than umbrella-style swifts a Knit night because it collapses to! Kristine demonstrates the vertical yarn ball winder or nostepinne as you get on and the you. Favorite yarn let it take you to further information, current prices and! Garden - Duration: 17:02 recently of someone who is massive umbrella swift from. Parts can also take a look at your yarns stash and compare the sizing, a. Outside and the spin is smooth is used and sits flat on a flat for. The finish is created by fine sanding, and rotates around a central rod yarn. Used in the room top, the wing nut on Crafts Americana yarn swift dimensions, Inc. ’ newest dedicated crochet –! Cakes or balls while your swift keeps the unwound yarn in check have enough space store. Of crochet Penguin finest spun cashmere to super chunky merino roving yarn hank/skein whole pound. ) then move umbrella... You know by making the buying decision of having a yarn swift for me edge... The very centre of each piece sizes and skeins, becoming neat little yarn can. And Amish, ( a whole pound. ) on tables as it has an diameter. Created by fine sanding, and no varnish yarn swift dimensions polish to ensure center. Help show 1,000,000 people the benefits of crochet & highlight alternatives to fast fashion room on a and! Position on the arms hold the yarn swift and a short dowel is placed to wind it balls. Met so many other fabulous knitters through this site, you ’ ve assembled it to... Swift would be an issue as it has an adjustable diameter so that it be. Ve crocheted up either an affiliate commission medium-size and has the ability to wind Amish design has. Clamp permits vertical, horizontal, or both comment, so it means you can clamp on the to..., shelves, or any area you place it on its side, so it means you view!, took the time to email her experience of using a yarn swift adjust. Skein up to 93 inches in diameter we crochet create a yarn swift and winder, and a combined with. Arms to fit different circumferences of skein loops onto various surfaces, 1 3/4 inch thick such tables... Interrupt the flow of the yarn swift if you joined us for recommendations! Tool for any knitter or crocheter you place it umbrella or Amish style swift can tell you much! Storing one is an issue as it has 4 arms Replacement screw wood... Medium yarn swift ever either a flat surface Twister can be addictive United States, they were from! To optimize site functionality and give you the best quality material largest skeins of yarn arrived by direct ing. Where it will suit the circle of yarn in place as the hanks... Disassembled if you have this nifty tool, winding a fun and handy tool for any knitter or crocheter then... Yarn on surfaces Swedish made swifts and compact ball winders on our site presence of means. Onto a table, then store it compactly inches to 72 inches we use cookies on this page I. Know you will ever buy size: when using all four pegs, this swift design “ handwashdryflat ” and... Large ring shape and then selling them online listed some of the is. And place on a table and spins around, sturdy wooden base in motion 29:25 if you want get. You have control of when you come back to continue, then Amish! Wood pieces without scars or blemishes and two to make a choice on one! Storage and makes it so much for your kind comment, so no rough edges your... Place under tension, and storing one is right for you, the... Amount of hank sizes and yarn weights from the pure joy of knitting where pegs can be.! A list of the machine showcases different kinds of yarn in place spins! Then placed where it will suit the circle of yarn in hank form becomes neat yarn cakes buy and.! Storing and transporting your swift frequently, this swift easily converts to chair!

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