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“Community college is a great fit for many students, and often better than going to a four-year college," says Venkates Swaminathan, the founder and CEO of LifeLaunchr, an online college planning and coaching service. Most community colleges offer the same kind of extracurricular activities found at traditional four-year colleges and universities, like clubs, athletics and student events. 5 (1) By Ella Chochrek. Community College vs. Yliopisto: Mikä on ero? Many students don't realize that if they plan on working while attending school, community college is hands down the best option. “That tends to be tremendously helpful," Swaminathan says, “especially for students who need to work while they attend school. Cons Community colleges, often referred to as two-year colleges, typically have small campuses and offer a low student-to-teacher ratio. When compared to private colleges or universities, students at a community college might save up to 90% on their tuition costs. CCRC's publishes research reports, briefs, and resources geared toward a variety of community college stakeholders, including college and college system … Find out how much you should expect to pay when applying for college and taking the requisite tests such as the SAT and ACT. im going to college in the fall of 09 .im dont know if i should take my first year at a community college and then transfer to a university cuz its less tuition or just go to a university all four going for early … Do you know what steps to take if you get on a college wait list? Die Studiengebühren sind ebenfalls deutlich niedriger als an einer Universität. Facebook. Flexibility: Class schedules can be more flexible. On the other hand, recruiters don't always visit community colleges, Swaminathan says, so most students will have to actively seek work. Both community college technical programs and technical schools offer one- and two-year technical certifications, which recognize that the student has completed the essential courses required to work in the field. Dies bedeutet nicht, dass Community Colleges keine Sportmannschaften und Studentenclubs und -organisationen haben. Community College vs. Sveučilište: U čemu je razlika? Beachten Sie jedoch, dass eine offene Zulassungsrichtlinie nicht bedeutet, dass Programme und Klassen nicht voll werden. Community college tuition is usually thousands of dollars cheaper than tuition for private and public four–year universities. Juristische Fakultäten, Business Schools und medizinische Fakultäten sind fast immer mit Universitäten verbunden, daher werden MBA-, JD- und MD-Abschlüsse von Universitäten vergeben. “Because you're not spending tens of thousands of dollars a year," he says, “you can take an extra semester or two without putting yourself deeper and deeper into debt.". “When you think about people graduating with close to $35,000 in debt on average," Swaminathan says, “going to community college can be a smart financial decision." There are probably a few community colleges near you. But there are many well-known benefits of community college: convenience for commuting students, inexpensive tuition rates, low-risk trial of college, etc. But there are also some other advantages that most students don’t think about. The decision to attend a community college instead of, or before, a four-year college is complicated and based on many factors. If you don't know where to look, we suggest looking on Google Maps for the closest community colleges. Sometimes experiencing a slice of campus life is the only way to know what you want. ©2020 Discover Bank, Member FDIC | Lender ID 831312. But these schools shouldn't be overlooked. © 2020. While some four-year programs exist for technical degrees like nursing, you can also get your licensed practical nurse (LPN) certificate or your associate degree in nursing (ADN) in two years at a community college where you will likely do clinical field work at a local hospital. Rozdiely medzi vysokými školami a univerzitami. Career opportunities: Students can explore their interests and enter niche job markets. Universiteter kan have selektive optagelser, og de tildeler fireårige bachelorgrader og kandidatgrader. College vs. university; In American English, college and university are generally used interchangeably, but there are some subtle differences between them. It’s definitely cheaper, and a great way to satisfy your prerequisites before transferring to an expensive four-year college to complete your major. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Plus, the class sizes at many community colleges tend to be smaller and the cultures less competitive. Universitäten haben wahrscheinlich auch häufigere Abend- und Wochenendveranstaltungen wie Vorträge, Musikdarbietungen, Comedians, Quiznächte, Wanderungen, Campingausflüge und so weiter. “Going to community college for two years — getting all of your pre-requisites and then transferring to a university — can save students up to $60,000 in some cases," he says. The Community College Research Center (CCRC) at Teachers College, Columbia University, has been conducting research on community colleges since 1996 to identify barriers to students' post-secondary access and promising solutions. Although the amount of groups and clubs at community colleges are limi… “Applying to community college allows them the freedom to develop a sense of what they want to accomplish with their education and what they want to do with their lives.". According to the College Board , the average published yearly tuition and fees for a public two-year college is just $3,440—that represents … For some people, Swaminathan says, attending community college first can mean the difference between getting into your dream school and simply going wherever you're accepted. Yhteisökorkeakouluilla ja yliopistoilla on kullakin omat etunsa ja haittansa, ja niillä on merkittäviä eroja pääsyssä, tutkijoissa, kustannuksissa ja opiskelijaelämässä. But only 14 percent earn a bachelor's degree within six years. Eine vierjährige Wohnuniversität wäre in solchen Situationen nicht möglich. Fast alle Community College-Studenten pendeln zur Schule, und traditionelle Studenten im College-Alter werden wahrscheinlich die Erfahrung verpassen, das Haus für das College zu verlassen. Choosing a college major is an important decision. Für viele Jobs in den Bereichen Technologie und Gesundheitswesen ist ein kostengünstiger Community College-Abschluss der richtige Weg. Unter „Community Colleges“ versteht man in den Vereinigten Staaten zweijährige Schulen, die von den Gemeinden finanziert werden und den örtlichen High-School-Absolventen – insbesondere solchen mit kleinem Budget – den Associategrad anbieten. Across the board, community colleges are less expensive to attend than universities. Für Familien mit höherem Einkommen ist das Community College fast immer billiger. Generally, community colleges have lower tuition rates than universities, but the rate might vary by community college. Resource: 25 Best Value Colleges. Students at community colleges tend to perform much better than students starting out at four-year universities. Die meisten Universitäten sind Wohnuniversitäten, daher müssen die Kosten für Unterkunft und Verpflegung zu den Studiengebühren hinzugerechnet werden. According to a Columbia University Research study done by Calcagno Bailey on the “Effects of Institutional Factors on the Success of Community College Students,” compared with students at small colleges, large classroom sizes were negatively correlated with student success rates. Instead, he says, consider which type of education will help you reach your goals and maximize your opportunities. Plus, four-year public universities in California give priority to applicants transferring from California community colleges. If you’re debating on whether or not to attend a junior or community college or four-year university, there are several things you may want to consider. If you do want to get a degree from a four-year university to increase your chances of employment in a specific field, attending community college first can help, in part because doing so can often help you get into a four-year university in the first place. This saves you time and gets your foot in the door with a potential employer. Flexible Schedule. Der Besuch einer Universität umfasst mehr als nur Akademiker und einen Abschluss. Der höchste von Community Colleges angebotene Abschluss ist ein zweijähriger Associate-Abschluss. This is not the definition that distinguishes the two. Most colleges offer bachelor’s degrees, and some colleges also have associate degrees. If you are interested in learning more about the difference between a college, community college and junior college, check out the U.S. Department of … That means you won’t see many classrooms with 200-300 students, and your professor might actually know you by name! Universities are much larger than community colleges; some universities in the United States have over a hundred thousand students. Students enrolled at least half-time and seeking an associate degree at four-year institutions are eligible to apply for a Discover Undergraduate student loan.

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